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PARKING LOTS:sp-parking

The largest guarded parking lots are located in the centre of the city:

Underground parking lot under Gediminas Avenue 9A. Drive in from Vilniaus Street. Convenient exits to the centre of the city. Open 24 hours, parking for 262 cars.

Multi-storied car parking lot in Tilto Street 14. Open 24 hours. Parking for 117 cars. In these parking lots have video surveillance cameras. Special places and lifts are installed for the disabled people.

Parking T. Kosciuškos Street 1A. Car parking and 26 places for buses.


A car can be left in the streets of Vilnius. Parking is paid. You can pay at the nearest parking meter. The size of the parking charge depends on what zone of the city you parked your car in.

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Allowable bus parking time is limited in some places. Pay attention to road signs.

Map of the parking places