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Public Transport

public-transportVilnius trolley buses and buses start running at 5 in the morning and stop at midnight. For bus timetables visit


There is available E-Ticket (Electronic ticket, “Vilniečio kortelė”). Vilniečio kortelė is credited with an appropriate amount of money and/or the selected public transport tickets. With a valid ticket in the card, properly activated on board of public vehicle, if necessary, it is possible to change the public transport for free and for unlimited number of journeys.  New Vilniečio kortelė costs 1,5 EUR.

If you came to Vilnius for a short visit, you can buy a one-, three- or ten-days ticket. You can buy and top – up  Vilniečio kortelė in all venues marked by sign Vilniečio kortelė. For more information visit There is an option to buy ticket from the driver of public vehicle. It costs 1 EUR). This ticket is valid till the last stop of the route. For more information visit

Electronic tickets Cost
30 minute ticket0,65 EUR
60 minute ticket0,9 EUR
1 day (24 hour) ticket5 EUR)
3 day (72 hour) ticket8 EUR
10 day (240 hour) ticket15 EUR

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