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Travel Trade

Go Vilnius – the official development agency of Vilnius, provides information, news and promotional material about Vilnius city to the travel industry, promoting Vilnius and its surroundings as a desirable destination for tourists – both individuals and groups. Go Vilnius is dedicated to making it easier for you to promote the city, and we have a number of tools to help you to do just that. We work closely with the local travel industry and can help you put together an exciting and innovative program for your group or individuals.

Our services include:

We manage various Go Vilnius social media channels, including:

Facebook –

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Our official hashtags are #govilnius #Vilnius #VilniusCity

We hope to maximize your time and the quality of your experience in Vilnius. Let’s work together in order to encourage more and more people to discover our amazing city!


Travel Trade relations manager Augusta Stave:

+370 686 57 230,