Siekdami užtikrinti efektyvesnį interneto svetainės veikimą, naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą interneto svetainėje sutinkate, kad Jūsų kompiuteryje būtų įrašomi slapukai.

Audio Guide

Audio guide – a possibility for tourists and city guests to explore Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. You have the opportunity to rent the audio guide in Vilnius Tourist Information Centres (Pilies street 2 and Didžioji street 31 in Town Hall). The audioguide recording is available in English, Lithuanian, Polish, German and Russian.

The special map will be provided when renting the audio guide.

Listen to sample:


  • Visit Vilnius Tourist Information Centre Pilies St 2 or Didžioji St 31 (Vilnius Town Hall);
  • Rent the audio guide and get the special map;
  • Discover the most beautiful and interesting places of Vilnius!
  • The price – 10 EUR. Security fee – 50 EUR you will get back after audioguide returning.
  • The audio guide is rented and should be returned the same or following day.