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The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Vilnius

When it comes to travelling, being a vegetarian or a vegan doesn’t always mean having to depend only on salads or apples, especially if you’re visiting Vilnius. The chefs in Vilnius have been exploring flavour combinations to come up with the perfect plant-based dishes, and their results will have you jumping for joy. Vilnius is a friendly city, so every day something new pops-up in town. Select your filters and check for updated information at FRIENDLY CITY . But for now, here’s your go-to guide with the TOP 17 places in the city for vegans and vegetarians.


Freunde, Pylimo St. 22D

An all you can eat brunch buffet is something simply wonderful. Lentil meatballs, eggplant, salads, and small bites will make you smile. Tip: take a closer look at the notes next to the dishes, as the restaurant isn’t strictly vegetarian or vegan.

Sluoksniai, Pylimo St. 19

It’s not all vegan or vegetarian, but the late breakfast menu has a selection of sandwiches with vegetables or hummus for a great start of the day.

The Urban Garden, J. Basanavičiaus St. 3

A dream for healthy food lovers: toast, chia pudding, and smoothie bowls make the greatest breakfast. If you know you won’t have time for wholesome food during the day, get their juice pack and eat on the go.


Zataar Falafel & Humus, Vokiečių St. 9

Well, the title says it all – falafel and hummus are what you’re in for, but there are many combinations to choose from. Couscous, fries, salads, and various add-ons make a great plate for lunch or a late-night snack.

Botanique, Totoriu St. 3

Vegan or raw, your lunch will be delicious either way. This restaurant has one of the most extensive menus in Vilnius. Raw zucchini pasta, cashew cheese dips, soups, risottos, and much more. There’s really something to satisfy any craving. Get a healthy smoothie to go or stay for a delightful dessert. Botanique also hosts a buffet brunch every Sunday.

Radharanė, Gediminas Ave. 32

Based on the principles of Ayurveda, this restaurant offers a wide selection of feel-good vegetarian and vegan lunch options. The food is prepared using high-quality products and is a perfect source of energy that can be used to explore the Old Town waiting just outside the door.

Anayor, Aušros Vartų St. 27

This tiny little family restaurant will surprise you with a short, but perfectly balanced lunch menu. Indian spices, dosas, smoothies, and stews are impeccable. You’ll feel right at home talking to the owner and chef Rakesh about the products he uses and the family recipes that make up his menu.

Vieta, Šv. Ignoto St. 12 – 1

This small and cosy place in the heart of the Old Town makes an important point about conscious food. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are prepared fresh every day, so you’re always in for a surprise.


Sue Indian Raja, Odminių St. 3

The perfect choice for a fancy night-out sitting at embossed tables and enjoying a picturesque view of the Cathedral. Indian food is ideal for both vegans and vegetarians, and with plenty of vegetable dishes in flavourful sauces and soft naan, you’re guaranteed a great start to a night out.

Sweet Root, Užupio St. 22

One of the best restaurants in Lithuania offers an impressive and unforgettable vegan tasting dinner. Just let them know a couple of days in advance and the chef will surprise you with dishes inspired by Lithuanian gardens and forests.

Gyvas baras, Trakų St. 11

Get ready for a vegan burger packed with jackfruit, sweet potato, Portobello mushroom, seitan, tempeh, soy, and more. If burgers aren’t your thing, vegan steaks and sausages will definitely satisfy your hunger. It’s a feast of plant-based foods!

Holigans, Verkių St. 29

Welcome to on of the trendiest vegetarian and vegan menus in town: Buddha bowls, pizzas, burgers, and even a special menu for kids. Psst…remember that their desserts are to die for; so don’t get too full on your main course.

Rosehip Vegan Bistro, B. Radvilaitės St. 7

It’s modern, it’s hip, and it’s a glimpse into the future. This bistro has even revamped the traditional Lithuanian beetroot soup to make it vegan. But the menu isn’t all just Lithuanian cuisine; you can also find burgers, Buddha bowls, and desserts, all with the perfect view of Gediminas’ Tower.


Chaika, Totorių St. 7

A tiny cafe in an old wooden house serves amazingly delicious vegan cakes you’ll devour in seconds. Cheesecake, pumpkin pie, avocado chocolate dessert – all vegan. The café’s decor is a  sight on its own – teapots, dishes and furniture from the 80s will make you feel like you’re in a Lithuanian grandmother’s home. So get comfortable and dig in.

Holy Donut, Vokiečių St. 9

When you’re up for something over the top, this cafe has some impressive desserts to offer. Glazed doughnuts with decadent fillings, monster shakes made with coconut milk and impressive amounts of edible decorations, and not-so-sweet bagels to try before diving into all the crazy desserts.

Augustas ir Barbora Love Story Cafe, Stiklių St. 7

Stepping into this cafe is like stepping into a fairy tale – the place is blooming with flowers all year round. But the fancy interior is just the beginning – the delicious vegan desserts are the real treat here.

Fionos cukrainė, Pilies St. 7

Choose from several vegan ice-cream flavours, all of which are made from natural products and handcrafted with love by a small team of professionals. Beat the summer heat – grab a cone to go and get back to exploring Vilnius.