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Attention Foodies! 8 Must-Visit Culinary Events in Vilnius

Filled with enticing aromas and unforgettable flavours,  Vilnius is the perfect foodie destination for top-notch culinary experiences that won’t break the bank. From some of the country’s top restaurants, to unique fine-dining experiences and lots of traditional cuisine – there’s food everywhere you look. Here are 8 events that are sure to make your mouth water and have you loosening your belt in no time. Get ready to dig in at some of Vilnius’ most exciting food adventures.

Turgus 2.0: 2 April – 29 September (Every Sunday)

This community festival takes restaurants outside along Pylimo Street and creates a celebration of food, music, and film. Your starting point is Halės Market. Every Sunday is dedicated to a new theme, be it spicy or bold foods. Expect ultimate creativity and mega fun, maybe even a little bit of crazy. It might be your time to try eating insects. If not, there’s plenty of more familiar food there, too. Just come and immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere.

Lithuanian Gastronomy Week: 4-10 November

New seasons mean exciting new flavours, and Gastronomy Week is a great introduction to the Vilnius taste map. Chefs from some of the city’s top restaurants will be ready to delight and surprise you with seasonal ingredients and taste adventures. This is your opportunity to enjoy unique dishes and tasting dinners at a number of restaurants for a special price. If you ever wanted to be a food critic, this is your chance – you’ll be able to vote for your favourite dishes and help elect the Star of Gastronomy Week.

Open Kitchen Food Market: 5 April – 31 August (Every Friday & Saturday)

The Open Kitchen Food Market is one of the most obvious signs that spring has sprung in Vilnius. This year, the bi-weekly open-air food market kicks-off on 5 April. Get ready for some great food every Friday and Saturday; just follow your nose to Tymas Market right next to Vilnius’ famed independent republic of Užupis. Amazing street food, delicious experiments, handmade ice cream, live music and DJs, and a friendly atmosphere under blue skies make for a foodie paradise. It’s easy to lose track of time lying on the grass and enjoying a vegan burger or a Moroccan stew. Open Kitchen invites hungry food-lovers all summer long. Find more information and the full weekend programme here

Wine Days: 22-23 May 2020

Even though Lithuania in general and Vilnius in particular are more famous for beer, wine is slowly making its way into the spotlight, too. The largest wine exhibition in the Baltics is the right place to educate your taste buds and cultivate your senses. You’ll have a chance to taste wines from all over the world, learn about food and wine pairing, participate in lectures, and learn about the art of being a sommelier. Find more information here

Europe Day: 8-10 May 2020

Vilnius always offers a fusion of cuisines, but it’s best experienced on Europe Day when Gediminas Avenue, downtown Vilnius’ main artery, is filled with stalls luring you in with exceptional aromas from all kinds of European dishes. From German currywurst, to Greek gyros and everything in between, you can get a taste every corner of Europe right here. Of course, traditional Lithuanian cuisine will take the leading role, but whatever you choose, you won’t leave hungry.


Vilnius Burger Fest, 30 July 2020

If you fancy a burger, this is the best day of the year for you. But even if burgers aren’t your thing, don’t skip this festival – there are some burgers that can only be tasted in Vilnius, once a year or maybe even once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you flip your burger upside down or eat it the regular way – it’ll taste just as great. The burger chefs will be duking it out for your attention by offering up countless inventive gourmet combinations. Fresh and local produce is used in the preparation of burgers, reflecting the festival’s philosophy of slow and environmentally friendly food that’s brought to your plate in an ethical manner. More information here

Diner en Blanc Vilnius: TBA

This is a tradition that takes place all over the world – from Paris to New York, bright whites fill the streets of various cities for one grand feast. Vilnius will be joining the festival for the sixth time this year, but you have to prepare in advance to participate in the celebration. Register with the local team and wait for approval – the date, time, and place are all top-secret, but hey, Vilnius is a walkable city. So once you’re registered, get your chairs, tables, and decorations, and surprise your friends with food or pre-order the special menu. Registration opens soon here

Dinner in the Sky: TBA

You won’t soon forget this one! A bird’s-eye view of the Old Town paired with exquisite cuisine and a few cocktails is impressive in itself, but experiencing the adrenaline rush when you realize that there are no walls separating you from the sky is just breath taking. Enjoy a four-course dinner or have a glass of champagne 50 metres above ground level – it’s a great way to explore Vilnius from a new and very unique perspective. Please find more information here