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Become a Fan of Long and Lazy Vilnius Brunches

@sugamour brunch

Make sure to spare some time for eating out while in Vilnius. Lithuania’s capital is home to a vibrant food scene with new eateries emerging each month offering delicious treats. There’s no better time to feel and eat like a local than brunch on the weekend. No matter the weather, get cosy in one of these lovely places in the heart of Vilnius Old Town and take advantage of the moment:

– If you don’t want to run into too many tourists, Atostogos is your place to go to. Try the silky eggs Benedict on a Belgian waffle, get the crunch of the locally made granola, or dig into the famous curd pancakes with fresh berries. Artisan coffee and gourmet cakes guaranteed. Weekend or not, don’t forget to book in advance; it’s quite a busy place.

– Going over the top? Start your day at Holy Donuts with donuts, milkshakes, bagels with cheddar cheese and chorizo, American pancakes, and many other options. The brunch will fuel you well into the evening and give you the energy you need to explore Vilnius.

– Indulge yourself in luxury! Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square hosts a brunch that is much like a royal feast. They offer an extensive a la carte menu to choose from, but their selection of fresh caviar tops it all. They also make more traditional brunch dishes, such as Eggs Benedict or waffles; both done quite exceptionally. The ritual is a feast for both your eyes and appetite. Plus, where else can you start your day off watching bottles of Champagne being opened with a sabre? Oh, what a sight!

– Looking for the best Instagram photos? Sugamour is your place with its fancy decor and gourmet desserts. Taste a Lithuanian version of eggs Benedict with potato cake, order some wholesome porridge, and choose from a case of colourful desserts. It’s a perfect little treat to start your weekend.

– Oysters for brunch? Sleep in on Sunday and then eat all you want at Time Restaurant’s fancy buffet. It’s a different experience every time because the food served depends on the season. Do book in advance though, because brunch is limited to 70 people.

– Getting some French vibes? Check out Café Montmartre right in the heart of the Old Town. It will transport you right to Paris where your plate can be filled with croque madames, omelettes, and crepes with Nutella and whipped cream.

– Looking for a modern atmosphere and urban culture? A late Sunday brunch at Kablys might last way into the evening. The brunch buffet is open until 5 p.m. with vegan and vegetarian options on offer. Falafels, spring rolls, mussels, a salad bar, desserts, and so much more are available at a fixed price.

– A brunch fit for a king? Enjoy your Saturday with a twist to the traditional brunch at The Town restaurant. Those with a sweet tooth will love the selection of waffles, pancakes, and croissants. Eggs Benedict, omelettes, and scrambled eggs can be tailored to your taste.

– Searching for something different? Situated in the urban landscape right in the city centre, Sluoksniai offers guests shakshuka, hummus, omelettes, and a wide selection of sandwiches. Take your time and enjoy the food made with love, try delicious vegan cakes with artisan coffee, and make sure to just sit back and relax.

– Want to feel like family? Book a table in advance for a late Sunday brunch at Valgomasis. It’s a small family restaurant and you will be surprised with anything the chef creates for the day, which is a lot like a tasting menu. Rich flavours and new takes on traditional brunch foods are available for you to taste.

– Up for a heartier breakfast? Choose Drama Burger. The chef’s special hamburger with eggs, pastrami eggs Benedict, American pancakes, or even a Bloody Mary garnished with a cheeseburger slider – what’s not to love? They take brunch seriously and serve it until 4 p.m. on weekends.

– Ready for a big breakfast? Head to Freunde on a Sunday where all foodies and flexitarians are welcome. The buffet serves a variety of meat dishes, even though its food is mostly vegetarian, along with a few vegan choices.