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Experience a Feast of Flavours at Award-Winning Restaurants in Vilnius


A wave of contemporary food culture is currently rolling through Lithuania. When visiting Vilnius, make sure to set some time aside to enjoy an explosion of flavours. Even if you don’t identify as a full-blown foodie, dining in one of the country’s top 30 restaurants is sure to be an experience to remember.

A full list of Lithuania’s 30 best restaurants has just been announced, so anyone coming to the city will have a lot of high-quality and delicious options to choose from on their trip. Moreover, 19 of these restaurants are located in Lithuania’s capital, so if Vilnius is on your city break bucket list, you’re in for a treat!

For a contemporary take on traditional Lithuanian cuisine, head to Džiaugsmas (Lithuanian: “joy”), the top-ranked restaurant on the list. The restaurant-bistro uses only locally-sourced products, cures meat and marinates vegetables on the spot, and makes it primary focus delivering great flavours. The atmosphere is not intimidating at all; the restaurant uses fairly common ingredients, so you won’t find any strange flowers or kelp in your food. Furthermore, the food is great for sharing with friends, and eating with hands is definitely not frowned upon here. With a strong emphasis on using local and fresh ingredients, the restaurant’s menu changes with the seasons, which means even if you’ve already been there, new dishes and different flavours still await you.

Another restaurant that builds its menu based on local and seasonally available produce is Sweet Root, Lithuania’s third-ranked restaurant. Sweet Root is more than just delectable fusion cuisine, though; each dish also represents a one-bite story. Over the course of the restaurant’s tasting dinner you’ll learn all about the local ingredients used in the food, where they come from, and how they grow.

Check out the entire list of the 30 best Lithuanian restaurants here. There’s something to suit just about every taste: restaurants specialising in meat or fish, Lithuanian or world cuisine, fancy surroundings or simple atmospheres, but food melting in your mouth nonetheless.

One more tip before you pack your bags and come to Vilnius: reserve in advance for the best experience and to ensure you’ll have a table. Good food and award-winning flavours also means that these restaurants are in high demand.