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Get Your Energy Kick in Vilnius

ADI_9946Your coffee in Užupis

Užupis is the bohemian district of Vilnius, filled with quirky shops and peculiar cafes.

The family-owned Coffee1 is a relaxing oasis offering locally roasted coffee, homemade ice cream or the traditional Lithuanian cake Šakotis (legend has it that if you eat it with someone, you’ll get married). Get a Chemex, talk to one of the owners, people watch, and even score some postcards and hip Lithuanian souvenirs sold right in the cafe.

You can also visit Huracan, a chain cafe that keeps the same high quality, but different interiors all over the city. The cafe in Užupis is proud of its steampunk vibe – this is your only chance to get coffee prepared in a steampunk coffee machine in Lithuania . Take in the authentic architectural design and choose your beans. If you’re interested in history, get some Salvadorian coffee from the Alfred Pacas Diaz family, the descendants of 18th century Lithuanian noblemen, to bring back home.

A cup in the Old Town

Vilnius Old Town is small and cosy, but with so much UNESCO-listed architecture to see, a cup of good coffee is a must.

Sit on the terrace at Strange Love and sip your sustainably sourced coffee as you gaze at the Bernardinai Garden and the Hill of Three Crosses. The coffee is roasted on site inside the cafe; so if you like your drink you can get a package to take home. Bonus for the hungry ones – Strange Love serves brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Enjoy your coffee with a story at Elska, a minimalist cafe. The selection of single origin beans changes regularly so that there are always new stories to tell. Once your cup is empty, you can enjoy the paintings in the art gallery connected to the cafe.

Would you like to feel like swinging in an orchard with your coffee? Visit Italala and sit on their swing seats by the window. You’ll get both the fun of swinging and people watching. The coffees come from a small roastery in Florence, Italy – very fitting considering the wealth of Baroque architecture found in Vilnius. Italian snacks, desserts, and ah… gelato will be calling your name.

Relax on one of the comfy sofas with your coffee in hand at Brew Kavos Virėjai. Freshly roasted intense espressos, Americanos, full-fat lattes or full-bodied Aeropress coffees are sure to give you a boost. If you’re already filled with coffee to the brim, get a smoothie, freshly pressed juice, or a sandwich.

The heart of the city definitely smells of coffee when Caffeine Roasters roast their beans. Every year, the staff selects the perfect beans from the plantations and roasts them in Vilnius to make espressos that are dark as night, cappuccinos airy as a cloud, and artisan brewed coffee. You might even walk right into an educational event or a vinyl market. Now that you’ve had your coffee, the MO Museum of modern art is waiting for you.

The hip Uptown coffee

Uptown (Naujamiestis), the trendiest district in Vilnius, is located just beside the Old Town, so you can easily get there on foot. It’s alive with many design stores, clubs, and, of course, quintessential cafes.

Have you ever tried a coffee with salt or pepper? Come to Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories for a cup of artisan coffee or a tasting. The brew bar has a wide selection of in-house roasted beans from different parts of the world.  You can get a package of coffee to go and surprise everyone at home.

Located in a very urban place between lofts, Backstage Cafe can be a challenge to find, but it’s definitely worth the detour. Don’t see what you’re looking for on the menu? Just chat to the barista and they’ll come up with something to surprise you. Maybe it’s an espresso tonic you need?

Join the coffee devotees at Taste Map Coffee Roasters for a cup. They know quite a few ways to prepare your coffee – Aeropress, Chemex, Hario V60 and anything else you can think of are waiting for your order. If you get lost among the many options, the friendly baristas will give you a quick intro, or if you really want to go in-depth you can book a cupping and make an activity out of it.

See the Vilnius Good Coffee map here: