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The Quest to Find the Best Burger in Vilnius

One thing visitors point out is that Vilnius natives love their burgers. You’ll find quality burger joints all over town, plus, burgers are on the menu of many restaurants. But where do you go to get the very best the town has to offer? Here’s a pick of quality places.

Le Butcher
Mėsinių Street 3-13

A place for cosy get-togethers and tickling your taste buds – at least that’s what it says on their website. Le Butcher offers burgers made from beef that’s sourced from Lithuanian farms and made according to a well-guarded recipe. If it’s something local you’re after, pay them a visit.

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Drama Burger Gedimino Avenue 31

Even though “All is better with a bit of drama” is their tagline, you’ll find Drama Burger to be pleasantly laid back and just plain sweet. They’re known for their beef pastrami and solid veggie options, as well as a good ol’ classic burger.

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Keulė Rūkė
Pylimo Street 66

Speaking of drama, it’s Keulė Rūkė that’s the real rebel – just look at the famous Trump and Putin mural on the side of the restaurant’s wall. They’ve made a name for themselves not just with PR though; their burgers, ribs and sausages are probably the best you’ll find in the district.

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Meat Lovers Pub Šv. Ignoto Street 14

When they opened in 2011, Meat Lovers Pub was one of the first places in town that served burgers. The food and service has been consistently good ever since. The warm lighting inside really adds to the charm of this place. You’ll often find it full, so booking in advance is a good idea.

Boom Burgers
Gedimino Avenue 1

Located right beside Cathedral Square, this place serves burgers with fine Irish Black Angus Beef, goat cheese and bean patties, aiming to please everyone. It’s consistently ranked as one of the top spots for burgers in Vilnius. Plus, it’s good for people-watching, because Gedimino Avenue gets a lot of foot traffic.

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