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Geographical Centre of Europe

+370 5 200 1646
Girijos kaimas, Nemenčinės sen., Vilniaus rajonas

Geographical Centre of Europe

In 1989, scientists of the French National Institute of Geography declared the geographical centre of Europe to be in Lithuania, 26 kilometres north of Vilnius. The geographical centre of Europe is decorated with a composition created by the famous Lithuanian sculptor Gediminas Jokūbonis and dedicated to the accession of Lithuania to the EU. It is a white granite column decorated with a crown of stars.

Getting there

The most convenient way of reaching the geographical centre of Europe is by car. From Vilnius go along A14 motorway in the direction of Molėtai and in kilometre 26 you will see the sign pointing to the left Europos geografinis centras (Geographical Centre of Europe). You can also get there by bus from Molėtai bus stop at Santariškės roundabaout (bus Vilnius – Paberžė). The driver will stop at the Geographical Centre of Europe at request. You can also take an express bus (Vilnius – Radžiuliai) from Vilnius Bus Station, platform 32. It takes about 30 minutes. Tickets are bought from the driver.