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Liubavas Manor Watermill-Museum

+370 5 237 7077
Liubavo kaimas, Vilniaus raj.

04.15–10.15 VI–VII 10.00–18.00

Adults 5 EUR, student, senior 4 EUR, schoolchild – 3 EUR

Liubavas Manor Watermill-Museum

Liubavas manor museum was founded in the unique stonework mill of the manor. The museum was opened under the initiative of the artist, cultural and public activist Gintaras Karosas after the restoration of a watermill of Liubavas manor not far away from Vilnius.

Until the middle of 16th century Liubavas manor belonged to the grand dukes of Lithuania. The ponds of Liubavas repaired at that time were thoroughly described in the treasury book of the Lithuanian ruler Žygimantas Augustas (Sigismund Augustus) back in 1546.Over the period of over five hundred years Liubavas has been governed by the representatives of the Lithuanian political, cultural and clergy elite, as well as grand dukes (Mikalojus Radvila Rudasis (Mikalojus Radvila the Red), the Golejevskis (Golejewski) family, Krišpinas Kiršenšteinas (Kryszpin Kierszeynsteyn), Teresė Tyzenhauzaitė, Tiškevičius (Tyszkiewicz) and Slizienis (Slizien) families).

A visitor centre has been installed in Liubavas manor-watermill, former residential place of the miller; whereas grinders, sifters and devices for making grits are displayed in the production premises. The parts that had not been preserved have been recreated according to their analogues. Among more important installation works mention should be made of the restored original water turbine, transmission, a sack lifting mechanism, etc.

We invite to visit the new museum and to get to know this romantic manor which name may be translated as “Love”. The museum is open during the warm season – from April up to the middle of October.