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Stone Sculpture Park Vilnoja

+370 686 00067, +370 5 249 0346
Zdziechovskio g. 27, Sudervė, Vilniaus rajonas

Stone Sculpture Park Vilnoja

You can get to the Stone Sculpture Park via the town of Sudervė. This town is known for its round Church of the Holy Trinity built on the Castle hill. The Church is an architectural monument of the beginning of the 19th century. In the nearby park, on the lake, there is a hotel and a four-hectare park in which more than 40 modern stone sculptures are displayed. Some of the sculptures rise above the surface of the lake. Sculptors from Lithuania and abroad have been attending summer symposia here since 2001; their works are being mounted in Lake Vilnoja and amongst the greenery in a newly developed park.

Getting there

By car: the distance from Vilnius to the Park is 21 km. If you go from Vilnius you drive along Ukmergė Street, further follow the signs. A2 motorway, further 171 as far as Sudervė.

By bus: from the Bus Station (Sodų St. 22, tel. 1661), platforms No. 10, 11 (suburban). Buses to Sudervė run approximately 12 times a day (at weekends about 6 times).