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Bernardine Gardens

Maironio g.

I – VII 7:00 – 22:00

For Children

Bernardine Gardens

Bernardine Garden is situated right in the heart of Vilnius, between Gediminas Hill, the Vilnelė River and the Bernardine monastery. After more than a year of renovations, the Bernardine Gardens (former Sereikiškės Park) have opened to Vilnius residents and guests. The restored park has regained its historic name, which was used from the end of the XVth century up until World War II, as well as its authentic appearance, which was created by artist Vladislovas Štrausas in the XIX century.

The park will feature botanical and monastic expositions as well as authentic restored park elements, such as an alpinarium, a pond, Belvedere Hill, a central square, and paths along the Vilnelė River. Fountains have been rebuilt in their historical locations. There will also be a rose garden, children’s playgrounds and a musical fountain.

The botanical exposition, which features plants sorted by groups and classes, will be a very special part of the park. Visitors will be able to see the ginko tree, the yellow dogwood, Canadian fir, black pine, and three of the oldest oak trees in Vilnius. The oldest oak tree in Vilnius, at about 300 years, can be seen near the entrance on Šv. Brunono Street. There will also be an area for students near the botanical exposition, where biology teachers will be able to hold classes for their students and children will be able to plant various plants and care for them.

The central square features a musical fountain which plays rhythms from popular classical and modern pieces.

The park dates back to 1469, when Lithuanian Grand Duke Kazimieras invited the Bernardine monks to Vilnius. They established themselves at the south-eastern part of Gediminas Hill and built their monastery and gardens where the park is today. In the XVIIIth century, the Vilnius University Botanical Garden was planted, and later, in 1870, three separate city gardens – the Botanical, Bernardine and Cathedral gardens – were linked into one park accessible to the public.

Free admission. Open daily 7:00 – 22:00.