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Verkiai Regional Park

+370 5 272 9834
Žaliųjų ežerų g. 53
For Children

Verkiai Regional Park

The Verkiai ensemble situated on the bank of the River Neris is very popular with the residents of Vilnius and guests of the city. It consists of a complex of Classical palaces surrounded by a park. Weekend walks or bicycle tours around the regional park and other environs of Vilnius begin from the palace in Verkiai. One of the routes winds between the lakes of Žalieji Ežerai (Green Lakes).

There are beaches, basketball and volleyball courts near the Green Lakes. Visitors may rent a boat, or participate in some jogging. Those with an appetite may visit the beer restaurant Verkių Malūnas (Verkiai Mill) at Verkių Street 100 or the grill pub Šernas (Wild Boar) in the territory of the Green Lakes (N 54.785054° E 25.334849°).

Many foreign guests and pilgrims are attracted by Vilnius Kalvarijos. This is a unique architectural urban ensemble representing the Way of the Cross. Visitors can repeat the Way of the Cross by visiting 35 stations in Vilnius Kalvarijos. The length of the route is seven kilometres. In a deep ravine near the Way of the Cross, close to Station XIII, lies one of the largest and most interesting springs in the Verkiai Regional Park; it is considered miraculous. For a long time, Vilnius residents and visiting pilgrims have drunk the waters of this spring, which is believed to have healing powers (N 54.740458° E 25.280081°).

Getting there

If you go by car, take Kalvarijų Street through Baltupiai to the roundabout in Santariškės, and head in the direction of Žalieji Ežerai and Europos Parkas. When you go up the hill, turn right to Verkiai Palace.When going there by bus, take bus No. 35 or 36 from the Priest Bronius Laurinavičius bus stop and get off at the Verkių Rūmai stop.