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Open Gallery

Unique art gallery under the stars „Open Gallery“ is a long-term interdisciplinary project and cultural initiative, which presents the urban culture in an extraordinary way and creatively enlivens the post-industrial district Naujamiestis. This project is aimed to present alternative creative projects such as paintings on the factory walls, installations, sculptures, performances, film sessions and to motivate interdisciplinary collaboration among artists from Lithuania and foreign countries.

One of the main aims of the „Open Gallery“ is to make abandoned city places born again and to reveal an unseen face of the capital of Lithuania for Vilnius residents and city visitors. As well as culturally enliven industrial part of the city.

The gallery is free and open for everyone anytime.

“Open Gallery” is a single kilometre away from the Oldtown and the Central Station of Vilnius and close to the Vilnius airport. Also, beside “Opern gallery” one may find a bus stop, thus it is easy to reach this place from anywhere.