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Hot Air Lines

+370 611 20911; +370 650 26468
Šv. Ignoto street 3/1-2

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Hot Air Lines

Hot air balloon flight

What to do in Vilnius? Take a hot air balloon flight and see Lithuania from above! Have an extraordinary sightseeing adventure over the UNESCO inscribed Old Town of Vilnius, beautiful Trakai Castle or other highlights of our country. Just imagine yourself detaching from the ground and getting closer to the clouds…

Hot air balloon ride is something extraordinary, a must-do thing, when you are in Lithuania. It is the best way of sightseeing as the real beauty of this country unfolds in front of your eyes.

Winter hot air balloon flight

Get ready for a mesmerizing winter experience and jump on board! This unique aerial sightseeing over the surroundings of Vilnius or Trakai will unfold the very nature of Lithuanian winter tale in front of your eyes. Could it be better? Do not worry about the cold. Once you detach from the ground, the burners of a hot air balloon will keep you warm.