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Medical Tourism

SPA Sugihara institutas

Medical Tourism in Vilnius

As medical science continues to evolve and expand, individuals around the world are gaining greater access to cutting-edge treatments and procedures. However, access can vary from country to country, and in many instances affordability can be mean the difference between receiving adequate medical care or not. This reality, coupled with the fact that we are more mobile than ever, have contributed to the growth of medical tourism around the world.

With medical tourism becoming an increasingly viable option for people seeking different types of treatments, Vilnius is emerging as a destination that can offer significant value and added benefits to medical tourists. Lithuania’s capital is easy to reach, and its clinics offer a broad range of world-class services that are cost-competitive and can be delivered in a timely manner from doctors and support staff that are fluent in English.

Medical tourism in Vilnius is nothing new, and a comprehensive process already exists to support visitors coming to the city for medical care. This includes everything from pre-consultations, travel and accommodation planning, to in-person consultations and preparation for treatments, post-treatment consultations, as well as tourism and recreation information to make the most of a trip to one of Europe’s top up-and-coming leisure destinations.

Overview of Health Care Services

The clinics in Vilnius are gaining a strong reputation among the medical tourism community as experts in prevention diagnostics, ophthalmology, orthopedics and plastic surgery. Moreover, given the many other services and treatments that attract medical tourists to Vilnius, four core service categories have been established: General Medicine Services. Dentistry Services, Medical Rehabilitation Services and Medical SPA Services.

General Medicine Services provide diagnostics, therapeutic and surgical treatment. This includes check-up programmes, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, fertility treatment, otorhinolaryngology, sports medicine, dermatology, traumatology, orthopedics, cardiology, vascular surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and much more.

The main Dentistry Services include dental implants, prosthodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontal treatment, endodontics, laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, 3D radiology, sedation dentistry, children’s dentistry, general dental therapy, and more.

Medical Rehabilitation specialities include neurology for children and adults, traumatology (children and adults), orthopedics (children and adults), arthrology (children and adults), cardiology (adults), pulmonology (children), ophthalmology (children) and gastroenterology (children).

Medical SPA services refer to mineral water treatment, mud baths and applications, vertical baths, classic medical massages, underwater massages and hundreds of other treatment and beauty procedures.

Major Vilnius clinics such as Kardiolita, Northway and Medcentras (Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center) are accredited with the US international Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital standard. It is worthwhile mentioning that the prestigious JCI quality award is received by less than 0.5% world hospitals. Such a small number of the medical entities, which have implemented this quality standard, proves that this international accreditation is a very high quality and safety appreciation of the medical office. The progressive world clinics pursue to this international prestigious accreditation, which proves that a medical office assures very high requirements, raised to the quality and safety of the supplied services, medical employees’ qualification and competence, medical technologies and infrastructure, clinical and management processes, patient’s attendance and other significant areas.

All the clinics provide the necessary documentation required for the flights and the personal manager takes care of the patient throughout the treatment and rehabilitation period.

Mixing Medical Tourism and Leisure Travel

Anyone travelling for medical treatment is sure to want to include some leisure aspects to their trip, especially if they’re going somewhere new. Vilnius certainly has a lot to offer in this regard, and medical tourists are encouraged to get better acquainted with leisure and cultural life in the city during their stay.

Lithuania’s capital has a wealth of cultural history worth exploring, a stunning collection of Baroque architecture in it’s UNESCO-listed Old Town, two of the three top restaurants in the Baltic States, a number of exciting annual festivals and celebrations, and a welcoming population that’s eager to show the world just how far we’ve come in the past three decades. Anyone that comes to the city as a medical tourist will no doubt leave with a more personal connection to it.

Cross-Border Healthcare in the European Union

The EU is all about interconnectedness, which means that every EU citizen has the right to access healthcare in any EU country and be reimbursed for the care they receive by their home country.

Directive 2011/24/EU on the rights of patients to cross-border healthcare provides an overview of the conditions under which an individual may travel to another EU country for medical care and be reimbursed. It covers healthcare costs as well as prescription and delivery of medication and medical devices.

According to the European Commission, most EU citizens are unaware of this right. However, it does make travelling to Vilnius as a medical tourist much easier, and can be a good option for those forced to wait a long time to receive medical treatment in their own country, or if they want to have a procedure or visit a particular specialist that is not readily available to them. Plus, many elective surgeries can be performed at a lower price in Lithuania than elsewhere in the EU.

Major Clinics Catering to Medical Tourists in Vilnius

Below is a list of the main clinics providing services and treatments to medical tourists in Vilnius.

Kardiolita Hospital: Lithuania’s leading private hospital offers a range of specialised medical services, including dentistry, health check-up packages, orthopaedic surgery, obesity surgery, cardiac surgery, eye surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and laser procedures, abdominal surgery and rehabilitation support. With over 30 specialists and a team of support staff, the hospital organises treatment and takes care of patients from start to finish.

Medcentras Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center: Lithuania’s biggest private medical institution with the widest range of healthcare services in the country. The center has doctors working in over 50 areas of specialisation and treats over 48,000 patients annually, 10% of which are medical tourists.

Baltic American Clinic: In operation since 1993, the clinic employs doctors from some 48 areas of specialisation and provides complete medical assistance for patients and their families. The clinic is committed to providing patients with quick access to world-class healthcare, and offers modern facilities that are thought-out to the last detail.

Northway Medical Centre: Established in 2004, Northway employs over 100 doctors in over 30 areas of specialisation. The clinic’s facilities include a surgical centre, an aesthetic medicine centre, a dentistry centre, and fertility centre, and a rehabilitation and wellness centre.

Vitkus Clinic: A plastic surgery clinic specialised in a number of elective procedures, including nose surgery; eyelid, face, forehead and neck lifting; fillers; ear bending; breast surgery; hand and foot surgery; and much more.

Sugihara Clinic: A beauty therapy and surgery clinic with over 150 beauty specialists offering plastic surgery, laser and aesthetic dermatology, beauty and medical SPA treatments since 1994.

Dr Kilnika: A plastic reconstructive surgery centre delivering top-notch services since 2009. The clinic offers facial surgery, body augmentation, fat removal procedures, sweat reduction surgery, aesthetic gynaecology, stem cell procedures and more.

VIC Clinic: One of the city’s top dental clinics with over 30,000 happy customers in the last ten years. Services include dental implants, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontic treatments, root canals, filling, cleaning and whitening and more.