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  • Vilnius
  • Halės Market | Halės Turgus

    Located in the trendy station district is Vilnius’ oldest market – Halės Turgus. It’s the perfect spot to find fresh and local produce, sample some traditional Lithuanian delights, or grab lunch with friends. Find out more about Halės Market here.

  • Cosy evenings in Vilnius

    One of the best parts of winter is getting cosy. Vilnius is no stranger to the colder months and has turned cosy into an art form. Get cosy in Vilnius.

  • Vilnius welcomes Pope as the City of Mercy #DivineMercy3D

    Vilnius has prepared a surprise for upcoming Pope Francis’ visit. Using cutting edge technologies creators from VGTU “LinkMenų fabrikas” have developed a 3D model of the Shrine of Divine Mercy and the Painting of Divine Mercy, an icon for Catholics around the world. Take a look at one of the Lithuania’s most sacred treasures and get inspired to come to Vilnius for more. Take a look here.

    Experience an itinerary of your own pilgrimage in Vilnius here.

  • Workation Vilnius 2018

    Living and working in Vilnius. Find out more here.

  • Hot Air Ballooning in Vilnius

    As soon as the weather gets warmer, Vilnius begins its hot air balloon season. Over the years, hot air balloons have become a real Vilnius signature trait. Here’s where you can go to see the balloons take off, or book a ride on one. 

  • Workation: BT Group excursions and food

    Vilnius is so much more than its UNESCO-listed Old Town. Just ask the BT Group team that spent a week in Lithuania’s capital as part of Workation Vilnius: they got a first-hand experience of how full of life, energy and happy people the city is.
    We’re sure they had a blast, but can’t help but wonder which traditional Lithuanian delicacy they liked best: our stuffed potato dumplings called Cepelinai, or our famous pink soup?

  • Happy New Year!

    Greetings from Vilnius!

  • Christmas time in Vilnius 2018

    Vilnius definitely lived up to its reputation as a magical place for the holiday season this year. Take a look, and make sure to put our city on your list of must-visit destinations for 2019!

  • Vilnius Christmas Tree 2018

    It only comes once a year so make sure to share it with the ones you love. We’d like to share a little piece of Christmas in Vilnius with you.

  • 3D Christmas Fairytale 2018

    Dive into the magical feeling of Christmas by watching an innovative Christmas Tale of the birth of Jesus projected onto the walls of the Cathedral.

  • Vilnius – The G-Spot of Europe

    Nobody knows where it is but when you find it – it’s amazing. Build your personal pleasure map:

  • Vilnius fits your feet

    Vilnius is best explored by foot. Put on your comfiest shoes and get ready to experience the beauty of Vilnius. Find out which route of Vilnius would fit your feet best: